Buckminster Park 2022 Programme

Event Health and Safety Policy


  1. The Horse Trials Organiser, named in the programme, has overall responsibility for health and safety and appoints a Health and Safety Steward, also named in the programme, to ensure that all the appropriate Health and Safety legislation is complied with.
  2. The Horse Trials Organiser, named in the programmer undertakes to run the competition in accordance with the British Eventing rules and guidance.
  3. The Horse Trials Organiser is required to ensure all Chief Stewards appointed by the Organiser have received, read and understood the relevant section of the guidance to ensure they are aware of the requirements and standards for their area of responsibility.
  4. The Health and Safety Steward (primarily) and the Organiser are required to ensure the area of competition and those accessible to the public and other Officials are (so far as is reasonably practicable) subject to a risk assessment and that this, and a record of the actions taken, is documented in the event's Health and Safety Plan.


  1. Stewards, judges and officials are briefed in their duties and provided with the relevant equipment to carry out their duties.
  2. They are required to bring to the attention of the Health and Safety Steward any concerns they have for the Health, Safety and Welfare of the public and the officials.
  3. They are required to bring to the attention of the BE Technical Adviser or Steward any concerns they may have for the Health, Safety and Welfare of the competitors.
  4. They are required to conduct themselves in such a manner not to put their self or anyone else at risk and maintain control of the area around their location.
  5. The BE Technical Adviser, BE Steward or Health and Safety Steward are required to ensure the Officials are properly briefed in their duties and are properly equipped


  1. All reasonable and practical steps are taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those attending the event. Spectators are, so far as is reasonably practicable:
    1. Directed clearly to wherever they want to go, e.g. secretary's office, toilets, first aid point or cross country course.
    2. Prevented from straying inadvertently into the path of oncoming horse by defined crossing points, signage, stringing, whistle blasts or public address announcements.


  1. All contractors working at the event are required to observe best working practices, comply with all legislation relevant to their business, and take all reasonable and practical steps to safeguard their employees and those attending.
  2. All exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their own stands and the risks that they may pose to other persons within the allocated space or immediate surrounding areas. This is subject to monitoring by the Health and Safety Steward and Organiser.


  1. The emergency services at the event include the doctors, ambulances, vet and fence repair personnel. They have access to all parts of the site and can be quickly contacted through any steward, judge or official - most immediately through the issue of a personal radio.
  2. Accidents involving horses and competitors are well catered for and the appropriate officials are constantly ready to report these as they occur and to call for appropriate emergency services. 15. Emergencies not connected with the competition (e.g. in the catering tent) may be dealt with by the emergency services on the site but outside emergency services (e.g. the fire brigade) may be needed too.


The organisers of this event advise that due to the uneven and, in parts, irregular terrain at this event it may at times be difficult for spectators to move around freely and easily, as a result of which, it may not be suitable for those spectators who suffer from certain medical conditions. All spectators enter the event at their own risk and are adviser to wear suitable footwear. The organisers shall not incur any liability - except as required by law - in respect of any injury or damage by any spectators howsoever caused.

  1. Disabled Visitors please ask at Secretaries Tent for information and assistance.
  2. All dogs to be kept on leads at all times.
  3. Anyone requiring First Aid should go to the Secretary's Tent or any First Aid Post.
  4. All persons attending the event must use crossing points when on cross county course.
  5. Watch out for horses at all times.
  6. Listen for the Whistle.
  7. Ensure children are under control at all times.
  8. No manual/electric bicycles or scooters are permitted at any time on the Cross Country Course.

The Competition

Novice N111 (2010)
Open Novice under 18 N114u18(2016)
BE1OO inc under 18 BE107(2016)
BE90 inc under 18 BE96 (2009)
Fall of rider Elimination
Fall of horse Elimination
Show Jumping
Knockdown 4 penalties
First disobedience 4 penalties
Second disobedience in whole test 8 penalties
Third disobedience in whole test Elimination
Fall of rider Elimination
Fall of horse Elimination
Error of course not rectified Elimination
Omission of obstacle or boundary flag Elimination
Retaking an obstacle already jumped Elimination
Jumping obstacle in wrong order Elimination
For every commenced seconds in excess of the time allowed 1 penalty
Exceeding the Time Limit (which is twice the time allowed) Elimination
Exceeding 24 penalties (not including time - to be enforced at the end of round) Compulsory Retirement (cr)
Scale of Penalties
First refusal, run-out or circle 20 penalties
Second refusal, run-out or circle at same fence 40 penalties
Third refusal, run-out or circle at same fence Elimination
Fourth cumulative refusal on the cross country course Elimination
Fall of rider Elimination
Fall of horse Elimination
Trapped Horse Elimination
Missing a flag (as per FEI 2019 eventing rules) 15 Penalties

Disclaimer of Liability


Save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers or anyone for whom they are in law responsible, neither the organisers of this event, nor British Eventing, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land cars, their contents and accessories, or any other person or property whatsoever whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way.

Reservation of Right
The Organiser has the right
  1. To cancel any class or event;
  2. To divide any class;
  3. To transfer competitors between sections of a class;
  4. To alter the advertised times;
  5. To refuse any entry.


The Organiser of this event has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organiser and all the officials and stewards.


Any intervention by a third party, whether solicited or not, with the object of facilitating the task of the rider or helping his horse, is forbidden, under penalty of elimination, at the discretion of the BE Steward. In particular it is forbidden for a fence judge or official to call back or assist a competitor by directions, to rectify an error of course.


Riders must be aware that a rider fall in any phase of BE competition now results in compulsory elimination. This rule and those pertaining to medical checks will also apply to all non-BE classes being held at Floors Castle Horse Trials, specifically those classes taking place in the Harbro Arena that might normally be subject to different rules. Any rider who sustains a fall must follow the directions of the Event Doctor at all times. If the Competitor has not been examined by an Event Doctor after the fall, he must not take part in any further phase or competition until he has been examined and allowed to continue. If the rider falls in the warm up phase of any part of the competition he must not remount until he has been examined by an Event Doctor and allowed to continue. If the doctor has not allowed him to continue on that or any other horse, he must withdraw that horse from the competition and if he has other rides at that event, those horses must also be withdrawn or other arrangements made. If the doctor imposes any conditions before a Competitor may continue on other horses which may have time implications, the Competitor must immediately inform and liaise with the relevant event officials. Under no circumstances must a Competitor leave the Event site after a fall until he has been examined by an Event Doctor. It is the responsibility of the Competitor to ensure compliance with these rules, Failure to do so is likely to incur a disciplinary sanction.


The use of motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles is banned except for authorised officials. Anyone found riding a motorbike or all-terrain vehicle without permission will be asked to leave the event.

Site Team

Judges and Officials
President: Sir Richard J. Tollemache
Organiser: Mrs Kate Letchford
BE Steward: Mr T. Fowler
BE Technical Advisor: Mr P. Herbert
BE Scorer: Ms J. Caley
Day Secretary: Mrs W. Elliott
Medical Officer: Dr J Forty
Veterinary Surgeon: Millie Crane BVM&S MRCVS
Paramedics: IKON Ambulance Service
Honorary Farrier: Ashforth Farriery
Horse Ambulance: Horse Ambulance Services Ltd
Health & Safety Officer Harry Park
Chief Steward: Ms K Langton
Judges Miss J. Ellis, Mrs J. Corrigan, Mrs A. Pepper, Mrs F. Sheffield, Mrs S. Thorpe, Mrs J Atak, Mrs T Buckingham Lloyd, Mrs H Bennett, Mrs N. Herbert, Mrs Moira Richardson, Mr Alastair Gibb
BSJA Judge: Mrs S. Ellison
BSJA Course Builder: Mr S Reeve-Young
Chief Steward: Ms S Martin, Mrs R Best
Arena Party: Belvoir Pony Club Girl Power
Control: Dr G. Daws, Ms C. Boddy, Mr A. Dant
Commentators: Mr M. Howard, Mr A Dant, Mr N West
Chief Steward: Mr D. Selby
Course Builder: Mr G. Herbert
Starter & Timekeepers: Mr K. Cousins and Team


Competitor List

Entry Section Horse Rider
1 A RATHLEE CRUISE Eliza Stoddart(Leicestershire)
    Grey Mare 5 16.1 Numero Cruise Rider
2 A CASITINO I Lucy Richards(Uk)
    Dark Bay Gelding 5 16.2 Cascadello I Active Equine LTD
3 A DELOUGHTANE MBF EVE Steven Smith(Leicstershire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.2 elvis ter putte(bwp) Mr David Miles
4 A LISGOBBIN JEWEL Steven Smith(Leicstershire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 Tyson Rider
5 A CAUNTON CALADOR Jess Corser(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.3 Castino Sir John Peace
6 A ARMSCOTE EXPLORER Sarah Way(Warwickshire)
    Grey Mare 5 16.1 Cevin Z Mrs Kate Willis,Mrs Mel Pritchard
8 A DASSETT PREMIER Amelia Walker(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 16.2 Quantino  
9 A HEGGLE LANE HIGH SOCIETY Anthony Clark(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 Hollywood Rider
10 A MYDONATUS K John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 Arezzo Vdl Mrs Jane Heerbeck
11 A MORGUND Willa Newton(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 CORLAND Mrs Isobel Crosbie
12 A DEELSIDE COOLEY Ben Way(Warwickshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 16.2 Numero Cruise Mrs Jocelyn Rosenberg
13 A EXCLUSIVE TIMEZ Izzy Mclachlan(AUS)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 5 16.1 Bazaars exclusive V&S Equine UK
14 A MACGYVER Eliza Stoddart(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 5 16.1 Cohinoor VDL Rider
15 A MADAME REVOLUTION TCE Holly Richardson(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.2 Revolution Rider
16 A UNNAMED (811909) Finley Atherton(Herefordshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 A. UMONIA Rider
17 A DHI WINGMAN Rosalind Canter(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.0 Etoulon vdl Mrs Margie Ward-Read
18 A MILLIONHEIR Sammy Oliver(Lincolnshire)
    Dapple Grey Mare 5 16.3 MillionDollar Mr Robert Oliver
19 A MERCKX NL Eva Carrier(Leicestershire)
    Chestnut Gelding 5 16.3 Fibonacci Rider
20 A MBF HANDYMAN James Rushbrooke(North Yorks)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 Ramiro b Mrs Kirsty Hogg
21 A MAGICAL TOUCH Eliza Stoddart(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.2 Guidam Mrs Catherine Nicholson,Miss Maya Nicholson
22 A LOCHDOWN CRUISE Sam Gillespie(Gloucestershire)
    Grey Mare 5 16.1 Loch Cruise Rider,Mrs Christine Baxter,Kevin and Sarah Gillespie
23 A BALLYSHAN COMMANDER Philippa Cross(Norfolk)
    Chestnut Gelding 5 16.2 Ballyloskey Courage Rider
24 A DAMORKUS E.T Charlotte Donald(North Yorkshire)
    Dark Bay Gelding 5 16.3 Diarado Mrs Helen L Bell
25 A D.MURRAY VDL Z Tyler Cassells(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 D.Murray VDL Z
26 A MARSHMALLOW Hannah Bate(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Eldorado Van De Zeshoek Jackie and Larry Taylor
27 A UNNAMED (812586) Amelia Walker(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Mare 5 15.2 Hector Van D'Abdijhoeve  
28 A THE CAMBRIDGE COMIC Anthony Clark(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Tjipke Miss Nolly Mannion Miles
29 A LSS ILE DE RE Alice Casburn(Norfolk)
    Bay Mare 5 16.3 Air jordan Mrs Sally Witte,Mrs Caroline Casburn
30 A TRENT KANNANBALL Zoe Dawson(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 15.3 Kannan Rider
31 A MY TURN RAMIRO Charlotte Donald(North Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 5 16.2 Ramiro B Mrs Helen L Bell
32 A BALLYNEETY FIONAS MILLIONS Matt Earith(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 MILLION B  
33 A DASHING Alex Postolowsky(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 16.2 Karandasj Mrs Wendy Rose
34 A BRIGHT WATER Emily King(Clwyd)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Flaming Feather Vicki & Stewart Irlam
35 A BILLY ATHENA Anthony Clark(Cambridgeshire)
    Chestnut Mare 5 16.1 For Pleasure Miss Lottie Gardner
36 A PORT STANLEY Sam Ecroyd(Flintshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.3 RAMIRO B Vicki & Stewart Irlam
37 A FUTURE HEPSILON John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Grey Stallion 5 16.2 Upsilon Future Sport Horses
38 A MISS RAMIRO Katie Tyrka(North Yorkshire)
    Iron Grey Mare 5 16.1 Ramiro B Rider
51 B SIMBA KATIE Evie Mitchell(Lincs)
    Bay Mare 9 16.1 Simba Rider
52 B ROYAL TEX Jacqueline Russell(Rutland)
    Skewbald Gelding 7 16.0 Grange Merlin Surf Rider
53 B ROCKSEA Matt Earith(Northamptonshire)
    Dark Bay Mare 6 16.0 Woodlander Rockstar Miss Faith Cosgrove
54 B JOSIA-S Amanda Green(Leics)
    Chestnut Gelding 8 16.1 Dinken Rider
55 B TAPP DANCER Marianne Knipe(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 9 16.1 GOLD N SILVER Rider
56 B METALBRIDGE CANDY LAD Paris Kirkby(N E Lincs)
    Dark Bay Gelding 7 16.0 Sligo Candy Boy Rider
57 B IMPALA II Beth Turnell(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 17.1 ESPRIT Rider
58 B MUCKRIM EAMONN BAN Flossie England(Lincs)
    Grey Gelding 11 14.2 RUSHEEN BOY Rider
59 B LETS ROCK Tracey Fletcher(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 17.0 Broadstone landmark Rider
60 B TINNERATH BLACKY Chloe Bingley(Lincolnshire)
    Brown Mare 16 14.3 CAESARS BOY Rider
61 B ACCELERANDO Rosalind Canter(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 Ramiro B Mrs Alex Fishpool
62 B MICRON JOY Ellie Mitchell(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 10 14.2 Woodfield Sammy Rider
63 B FAREZ DE RICAU AA Arthur Duffort(FRA)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Tenareze Mrs Jane Chewins
64 B BALLYLAHIVE PRINCE Hannah Lucy Comery(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 15 16.0 Rider,Rider
65 B MILL HOUSE PRIMA DONNA Kirstie Wright(Staffordshire)
    Chestnut Mare 8 15.0 MILL HOUSE CARPE DIEM Rider
66 B FERNHILL ANIMATION Caitlin Pitcher(Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.2 Letterland Mr Jon Goodrick
67 B CORILLO Sian Phipps(Staffordshire)
    Bay Gelding 15 16.3 VINCENZO Rider
68 B FOURFIELDS HARLEQUIN Darren Francis(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 17.0 HARLEQUIN DU CAREL Rider
69 B COOLEY ON CLOUD NINE Amy i Roberts(West Yorkshire)
    Dark Brown Gelding 6 16.1 Contendro i Rider
70 B GREENKELD'S MOONDANCE Katie Brickman(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 7 16.0 Grafenstolz Rider
71 B STAPLETON UNO Sarah Duckitt(South Yorkshire)
    Dark Bay Gelding 6 17.1 Temple Tamability Rider
72 B MR MILLER VI Rebecca Champion(Norfolk)
    Grey Gelding 10 16.2 GLID UIBHALL Rider
73 B BRIGGSDEN CLEVER TREVOR Abigail Stocker(Lincolnshire)
    Appaloosa Gelding 7 15.3 Poke a dot VII Rider
74 B ON SONG Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 Newmarket Venture Mrs Sally-anne Egginton
75 B ARGENTA Finley Atherton(Herefordshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 15.2 Shannondale Delta Mrs Claire Atherton
    Bay Gelding 6 16.1 Franklyn Sugar Mrs Kate Churton,Mr Tim Corballis
77 B LORD HEMMINGS Charlotte Reader(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.3 BLACK SAM BELLAMY Rider
78 B CHASING WATERFALLS Helen Scholl(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.3 Watermill Swatch Mrs SARAH ROBERTSON
79 B TRINITY LORD ANGUS Ellie Savory(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.1 Emperor Augustus Rider
80 B SHE'S ELECTRIC IV Jess Corser(Leicestershire)
    Black Mare 6 16.2 KMS Chicago Mrs Tammie Corser
81 B JENSON BRAVE Stephen Heal(Gloucestershire)
    Tobiano Gelding 5 16.1 Solaris Buenno  
82 B RED GLEN HERO Padraig Delaney(IRL)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 17.0 Gortfree hero Rider
83 B CRICKET CAN FLY Tyler Cassells(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.0 Miss Jess Cunningham
84 B HAWTHORNSTUD DASSETT Amelia Walker(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Mare 6 16.0 Z Seven Ascot Miss Lily Hicks Beach
85 B SVS DASSETT ZIVA Ben Way(Warwickshire)
    Bay Mare 6 16.3 Emerald van't Ruytershof Rider
86 B FRED TEN Hannah Brasher
    Bay Gelding 13 15.2 Rider
87 B GULIO TH Paul Taylor Johns(Kent)
    Dark Brown Gelding 11 17.2 ZAPATERO VDL Rider
88 B WOODY XIV Kate Charlton(north yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 12 15.2 Rider
101 C DERNAHATTEN WONDER Hannah Westropp(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 6 16.1 Rider
102 C JULIA B John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.3 Biscayo Mrs Jane Heerbeck
103 C DRUMACLANN BREXIT Matthew Heath(Rutland)
    Dark Bay Mare 7 16.0 Paris Blue Merelsnest z Mr George Vergerson-rowley
104 C CENTAUR THE TOFF Tim Dobson-Seaton(Leicestershire)
    Appaloosa Stallion 9 15.3 Centaur Black Jack Mr Jim Dobson
105 C BUZZ Annie Bridgwood(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 10 15.2 Tangelo van de zuuthoeve Rider
106 C RUBECULA Charlotte Cramphorn(Rutland)
    Chestnut Gelding 13 16.3 COUGAR Rider
107 C KENOBE STAR Chloe Pearson(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.1 CLODOVIL Mr Mike Holland
108 C PRIORSPARK ROYAL RIFF-RAFF Eliza Stoddart(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 6 17.1 Roaldik Mrs Anne Staley
109 C BALLINTUBRID VIENDI Michelle Davis(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 17.0 Ars Vivendi Rider
110 C GODINUS CB Teri Rudkin(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 11 15.3 BODINUS Mr Billy Rudkin
111 C GLORY BOY Nicola Johnson(Derbyshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 13 16.1 Rider
112 C RACHAN WIND DANCER Keeley Martin(Lincolnshire)
    Black Gelding 11 17.0 WONDERFULL VAN 'T ZWAANENHEIKE Rider
113 C BLACK JACK V Katie Brickman(North Yorkshire)
    Black Gelding 12 16.0 Rider
114 C CHARLIE CRUISE Ralfie Timmins(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 9 17.0 Crusie on Rider
115 C ARCHIE LAD Tia Lewis(Derbyshire)
    Grey Gelding 12 15.1 Maghera Fadda Lad Ms Anne Jones
116 C STAR BUSTER Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 RAMIRO B Rider
117 C BALLYGRIFFIN DOC CIDER Ellie Clarke(South Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 16.0 NEAR DOCK Mrs Sarah Reeve
118 C GOOD TO GO IV Gabrielle Gadsby(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Mare 11 15.3 PEPPERMILL Rider
119 C GUEULE DE REVE Arthur Duffort(FRA)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.3 Canturo Rider,Mrs Caroline Wilson,Mrs Kate Churton
120 C BIRCHWOOD BUTTERFLY Hannah Kelly(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 10 16.0 Samara fly Rider
121 C MR BOUNCER Tessa Downs(West Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 15 15.3 UNREGISTERED Rider
122 C MERLINS REBEL Terry Walsh(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 17.2 OBOS QUALITY 004 Rider
123 C LOMBARD LAD Holly Jessett(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 Rider
124 C SILVESTERS FINESSE Rosalind Canter(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 5 16.3 Silvester Deborah Langstaff and Fergus Langstaff
125 C GRC INDOCTRO Alex Postolowsky(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.1 Indoctro Mrs Pauline Strawson
126 C KRISTOFF K James Avery(NZL)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.3 O-PILOT H Mr. and Mrs. Algy Smith-Maxwell
127 C JAKE JS James Rushbrooke(North Yorks)
    Bay Gelding 8 17.0 Apache Rider
128 C EASIER SAID THAN DUN Julia Sandford(Warwickshire)
    Dun Gelding 13 16.0 RUBIN STAR Rider
129 C KILLAGHA MAVERICK Vicky Mosley(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.2 Sirillio Rider
130 C JACONDRIK Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Brown Stallion 5 16.1 Jaguar Mail Sir John Peace
131 C KILCANDRA RAMBO RAY Justine Fordham(Essex)
    Chestnut Gelding 16 16.0 WELCOME FLAGMOUNT Rider
132 C FASHION DU THOT Hannah Bate(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 VEGAS DU THOT Rider,Miss Carmen Pierce,Mr Clive Wright
133 C BANGERANG Billie Bradbury(Yorkshire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 7 16.2 OBOS Quality 004 Rider
134 C OBERON VAN DEN HAM Angela Winter(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 CADEAU DE MUZE Rider
135 C RUNNON VIVA LAS VAGAS Jess Johnson(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Leander Rider
136 C GABANA VDL Anthony Glass(Berkshire)
    Black Gelding 10 16.3 Glasgow van’t Merelsnest Rider
    Bay Gelding 11 17.2 MERMUS R Rider
151 D OVERIS CAVALIER Amelia Leeming(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.1 CAPRI VAN OVERIS Z Rider
152 D THIS IS IT Willa Newton(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 13 16.0 MAJOR LEAGUE Mrs Jo Clevely
153 D JUST DUNNIT Lucy Scholl(Nottinghamshire)
    Dun Gelding 11 16.1 MORGENSTERN GF Mrs Helen Scholl
154 D BALLINOECASTLE Q Katherine Illingworth(Northamptonshire)
    Brown Gelding 7 16.3 OBOS QUALITY 004 Mr. Philip Adkins
155 D LUCAS M Karen Holmes(Nottinghamshire)
    Brown Gelding 21 16.1 Rider
156 D LANCER Ben Way(Warwickshire)
    Black Gelding 12 16.3 Broadstone Landmark Mr Henry Kinchin
157 D BEANIE MCBEAN Emma Hyslop-Webb(Leicestershire)
    Chestnut Mare 15 16.1 GHAREEB Rider
158 D FREYA 363 George Bartlett(Nottinghamshire)
    Brown Mare 9 16.3 Catoo Sir John Peace
159 D SEAPATRICK DARK CRUISE Tabitha Case(Norfolk)
    Grey Gelding 18 17.0 ARD VDL DOUGLAS Rider
160 D COMARCOS PRIMERO NACIADO Sophie Richards(Leicestershire)
    Chestnut Gelding 15 17.2 OMARCO Rider,Miss Lucy Richards
161 D STRAW BREEZE Rebecca Page(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Roan Mare 13 16.0 Miss Sallie Clough
162 D DESTINY Annie Smith(Northamptonshire)
    Dark Bay Mare 9 15.2 HB I Dimaggio Rider
163 D MAKING WAVES Ryck Turner(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 12 17.3 HARLAQUIN BRIGADE Rider
164 D GUIDARO Stephanie Sacks(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 15.3 QUIDARO Ms Charlotte Hogg
165 D BASKIN WICKED GAME Manuel Rafael Fernández Nieto(MEX)
    Chestnut Gelding 10 16.1 EMILION Mr Anthony Clark
166 D ROXREADY Lizzie Lucas(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 13 16.0 RAMIRO B Miss Hannah Brook
167 D HEMMINGS’WAY Charlotte Kemp(East Riding of Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 Yeats Rider
168 D DAMASKUS Tanya Bridgeman(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 14 16.3 VIGARO Rider
169 D SHEELA James Avery(NZL)
    Bay Mare 9 16.1 Stalypso Mr. and Mrs. Algy Smith-Maxwell
170 D HOT WHISKY Lauren Milner(North Humberside)
    Piebald Gelding 13 16.2 Rider
171 D LIMMERICKS RUBY Tilly Fenton(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 13 16.1 LIMMERICK Rider
172 D INSOMNIA Caitlin Pitcher(Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.0 Indoctro Rider
173 D NELSON VT DAUWHOF Amy Stone(Suffolk)
    Bay Gelding 9 15.3 JAPPELLOUP V/H DAUWHOF Rider
174 D DALESTOWN TRALEE Matt Earith(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Mare 9 16.0 POINTILLISTE Miss Kimberley Grant
175 D JOHNBOYS CHARLIE Harvey Douglas(Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 16.1 ROYALE CONCORDE Mr Tony Douglas
176 D DUNKERRIN PANDORA Lucy Robinson(Staffordshire)
    Bay Mare 12 15.3 DUNKERRIN LEADER Mrs Sonia Winter
177 D ITZ CHINATOWN Katherine Illingworth(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.2 LOUGHEHOE GUY Mr. Philip Adkins
178 D CENTAURS ARCHIE Tim Dobson-Seaton(Leicestershire)
    Appaloosa Gelding 16 16.3 CENTAUR JOLLY JACK Mrs Tina Kirk
179 D CECELIA COBRA Holly Richardson(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 COBRA 18 Mr James Lambert OBE & Mrs Jo Lambert
201 E MELODY CHILLOUT Victor Burtin(FRA)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.2 CHILLOUT (ISH) Miss Jillian Greenwood
202 E MINT IMPERIAL Stephen Thompson(Nottinghamshire)
    Palomino Gelding 6 16.1 Imperial Heights (ISH) Ms Sharon Tolley
203 E UNNAMED (812942) Richard P Jones(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 tajraasi Mrs Ros Jones
204 E M C ZEPHYR Kimberly Mawdesley(N Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 GRAFENSTOLZ Rider,Mrs Suzanne Harley-davies
205 E TRENEARE Tally Read(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.0 Romulus Miss Judy Bradwell
206 E OPALS FANTASY Jessica Dickson(Yorkshire)
    Bay Roan Gelding 11 15.2 Rider
207 E IF AND WHEN Sarah Morgan(Norfolk)
    Chestnut Gelding 14 16.2 WHERE OR WHEN Rider
208 E CAVALINA BELLA Harriet Peters(Worcestershire)
    Bay Mare 17 15.0 MOUNTPELIER SEAVIEW Rider
209 E EMLYN Lillie Barnett(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 17 16.0 ACCONDY William and Lorna Walker
210 E CALAHAN Mark Poskitt(East Yorks)
    Bay Gelding 9 18.2 Renkum Calliano Rider
211 E GLOBAL ALL IN Annabelle Jaspal(Lincolnshire)
    Black Gelding 10 16.3 LOUGHEHOE GUY Rider
212 E DRUMCONG CASHEL PRINCE Helena Pope(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 14.1 Colmcille cashel Rider
213 E PINOX Willa Newton(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Peppermint Mrs Julie Kay
214 E MOONLIGHT VISION Beccie Atkinson(West Yorkshire)
    Palomino Gelding 5 16.0 Moonlight Venture Mrs Lorna Atkinson
215 E POLLYS HARVEST MOON Sammy Oliver(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.0 Mrs Rachael Baker
216 E LEWIS Sarah Roberts(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Contendro I Rider
217 E PRIMITIVE CATCH Cathy Carter(Lincolnshire)
    Brown Mare 11 16.0 CLASSIC PRIMITIVE Rider
218 E WIN OVER CLOVER Emily Hobson(South Yorkshire)
    Grey Mare 6 15.2 BEOWULF Rider
219 E THORNHILL JAKE Jojo Green(Norfolk)
    Iron Grey Gelding 11 14.2 Rider
220 E WELCOME GLORY Katy Treharne(Northamptonshire)
    Dapple Grey Mare 7 16.1 Welcome diamond Rider
221 E TELPERION RHONDERINI Richard P Jones(Rutland)
    Bay Mare 8 16.0 Rhondeo Miss Maddy Young
222 E DARK DEVIL Amelia Scholl(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 9 15.3 Dark Angel Mrs Helen Scholl
223 E PADDYWHACK Dan Gibson(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 19 16.2 ACCORDION Rider
224 E KILCANNON LEGEND Polly West(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 16.2 Nigrasine Rider,Rider
225 E BALLYKNOCK CRUISER Emily King(Clwyd)
    Chestnut Gelding 8 16.2 O.B.O.S. Quality 004 Alex Wilcox & Helen Morris
226 E LACHAIN CON Philip Elliott(County)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 Cottage fire Rider
227 E ALLSORTS Ellie Kibbey(Staffordshire)
    Skewbald Gelding 5 16.1 Amour G Mr Joshua Noakes
228 E GO MONACO Rebecca Wooliscroft(Staffordshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.1 GRAFENSTOLZ Rider
229 E CARNSDALE FOXTROT Deanne Burgin(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 Killoughey clover Rider
230 E STONEDGE Crisy Salmon(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 18 16.2 FRODO BAGGINS Rider
231 E COLOMBIA Elizabeth Wormald(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Mare 10 15.1 ART CONNOISSEUR Rider
    Chestnut Gelding 7 17.2 Future Trend Rider
233 E DAULIES CAVALIER Natalie Morrell(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.2 CAVALIER CARNIVAL Rider
234 E TIGGA TOO Brogan Marshall(Lincolnshire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 9 16.2 Wish upon a star Rider
235 E DOIRE MHIANAIGH GLEN Constance Copestake(FRA)
    Grey Gelding 12 14.2 I Love You Melody Miss Ella Wainwright
236 E LUDOS REBEL Lizzie Evans(Leicestershire)
    Brown Gelding 11 17.0 HOEKS LUDO W Rider
251 F MAXIMA PB Emma Hyslop-Webb(Leicestershire)
    Grey Mare 5 16.2 Dallas vdl Rider
252 F COURTYARD CRACKER Helena Pope(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 13 16.2 Rider
253 F CSH SIOUX Sarah Nicholls(Leicestershire)
    Coloured Gelding 11 15.1 HONEYBROOK CROSBY Rider
254 F KL SILVER FERN Alice Midmer(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Mare 6 16.1 KL Mac Rider
255 F ORAH Maaike Van Wijk(NED)
    Dark Bay Mare 6 16.1 Vagabond de la Pomme Rider
256 F COS ME QUORN CRIMINAL Teri Rudkin(Leicestershire)
    Black Gelding 7 17.1 COS ME IS BLACK Miss Kim Turner
257 F JENNY Lucy Mallinson(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Mare 9 15.1 Rider
258 F FRED CHAPLAIN Nicola Johnson(Derbyshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.3 Cassini’s Chaplain Rider
259 F SULTAN Rebecca Cooknell(Derbyshire)
    Skewbald Gelding 13 15.2 Rider
260 F I AM VAN HET KEIZERSHOF Z Mia Sexton(Norfolk)
    Brown Gelding 7 16.3 indoctro Rider
261 F KILLYCLOGHAN MASTERSON Hayley Came-Boyce(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.2 Kings master Rider
262 F SOLID MAN Richard P Jones(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 LORD KANALOA Miss Jojo Green
263 F SEDUCER Ryck Turner(Rutland)
    Grey Gelding 12 16.3 WOMANIZER Rider
264 F ITSALLOVER Philippa Cross(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 universal The Scoop Syndicate
265 F CARRABAWN FRANCIS Lillie Barnett(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 4 17.0 Young Carrabawn William and Lorna Walker
    Chestnut Mare 13 15.3 WESTMEATH LAD Rider
267 F TYKILLEN DIG OUT Peter Felton(Suffolk)
    Bay Mare 6 16.0 Dignified Van't Zorgvliet Mrs Jojo Felton
268 F FLYHIGH JACOBEAN Jane Christison(North Humberside)
    Brown Gelding 7 16.2 S Creevagh Ferro Ex Siebe Rider
269 F CARRIAG SURPRISE BLOSSOM Marion Henstridge(Derbyshire)
    Grey Mare 8 14.2 Bay Rider,Rider
270 F LOHANS CROSS Cariad Miles-taylor(Norfolk)
    Grey Gelding 7 16.3 CARLOT AMIX Rider
271 F HERBIE 53 Alice Casburn(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Mrs Sally Witte
272 F BELIZARO VLADIMIR Paul Burgess(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 17.0 Footloose lg Linda and William Bowen
273 F ARRACOURT Beccie Atkinson(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 15.2 MULTIPLEX Mrs Lorna Atkinson
274 F JACKSON VIII Richard Potter(Lincolnshire)
    Dark Bay Gelding 15 17.2 AMERALDO Rider
275 F CORGAR CAMPAIGN Ruth Holroyd(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.2 Campaign Swing Rider
276 F STADMORSLOW HAROLD Fin Millar(Derbyshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 12 14.0 Craigcoch Midas Rider,Rider
277 F CHELSEA SHOWCASE Abigail Kerridge(Norfolk)
    Bay Mare 5 16.0 SHOWCASING Rider
278 F GRC TRUMPS Natasha Arhainx
    Chestnut Gelding 10 16.0 Financial Reward Rider
279 F LUCKY LUCIANO Lottie Gardner(Cambridgeshire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 11 16.1 Tailormade Lancelot Rider
280 F COLOURED BY AN ARTIST holly hardy(Lincolnshire)
    Piebald Gelding 7 16.3 Blackice Rider
281 F GET ON I DO IT Jennifer Budd(Leicestershire)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 17.1 GREENSLADES Rider
282 F TURLOUGH MIST Rachael Handy(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.1 KORO D'OR Mrs Janette Shipley
283 F DETONATE Jessica King(Lincolnshire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 9 16.3 AL NAMIX Rider
284 F HOLLYWOOD SOPHIE Caroline Lewis(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 10 14.1 Deelish Prince B.Allsop and Sons Limited
285 F CRUISING ROCKS Jamie Wilkinson(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 13 17.0 SPIRIT HOUSE Rider
286 F OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Boogie Machin(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 12 16.2 - Rider
301 G FOXES JAMAIS VU Flossie England(Lincs)
    Dark Bay Mare 6 15.3 Kings Cornet Rider
302 G FIFTY SHADES OF BLUE Charlotte Cramphorn(Rutland)
    Piebald Gelding 17 15.2 Rider
303 G HARTHILL JASPER Alice Tracey(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 5 16.1 Ramiro B Miss Hannah Bate
304 G SHANNONDALE ALIBI Francesca Shaw(Hertfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.0 SHANNONDALE SARCO ST GHYVAN Rider
305 G KUALA LUMPUR Elizabeth Horne(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 7 16.0 Etoulon VDL Rider
306 G BURTONS GIRL Becky Murfin(Derbyshire)
    Dun Mare 9 14.2 Rider
307 G JAIRO Tara Snape(East Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 Krack C Rider
308 G JONJO STAR Isabelle Bloomfield(North Yorkshire)
    Brown Gelding 11 15.3 Tereure Lad Rider
    Bay Gelding 6 18.0 Quinoto Bois Margot Rider
310 G STORMY DAY Anya Waugh(Somerset)
    Brown Gelding 13 14.3 BLIZZARD Miss Catherine Collins
311 G GILLTOWN MERMUS Emma Hyslop-Webb(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 Mermus R Rider
312 G PENSTRUMBLY GOLD DAPS Stephen Thompson(Nottinghamshire)
    Palomino Gelding 10 16.1 Lodor ffrwyln llwyd Mrs Anne Llewellyn
313 G HARTHILL SHAMROCK Richard P Jones(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.3 Balou Du Rouet Mrs. Sophie Meers
314 G BASKIN PHINALE Amy i Roberts(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Diarado Rider
315 G CLOONAGH SHADOW Caroline Cook(Derbyshire)
    Dun Gelding 9 14.0 MOONLIGHT SILVER SHADOW Rider
316 G FLASH SUNDAY Tessa Downs(West Yorkshire)
    Skewbald Gelding 14 17.0 Flash Rider
317 G ROBE PARK BOBBY SOPHIA ELLIOTT(East Riding of Yorkshire)
    Dun Gelding 10 14.0 Robe River Mist Rider
318 G FIVEHUNDREDMILES Natalie Pettitt(Hertfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.1 The Carbon Unit Rider
319 G INFERNO Neve Walker(Leicestershire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 9 16.3 Chello III VDL Rider
320 G BARBERSFORT GRACIOUS GIRL Robert Shadlock(South Humberside)
    Bay Mare 8 16.2 PUTRA SANDHURST Rider
321 G DIAMOND BANDIT Ellie Kibbey(Staffordshire)
    Brown Gelding 5 16.3 Craigsteel Rider
322 G SLIABH BAN ADAM Zara Cook()
    Grey Gelding 11 15.0 Cloonban Adam Rider
323 G BULLARDS FINE GIN Philippa Cross(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.3 arthurs gold Major Caroline Bullard,Major Caroline Bullard,Major Caroline Bullard
324 G ELVIS' LITTLE STAR Sophie Platt(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 5 16.0 BANNVALLEY PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT Rider
325 G LARGO Jessica Kluss(Essex)
    Grey Gelding 6 16.0 Quasimodo vd moledreef Mrs Kate Piper
326 G MARK ANTHONY Sarah Baker(South Humberside)
    Bay Gelding 15 16.2 Antonius Pius Rider
327 G MACS MIRAH Nicky Keir(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 14.2 WESTSIDE MIRAH Rider
328 G OUR MEGASTAR Lauren Winspear(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 10 16.1 INDIAN RED Rider
329 G MRF METROPOLIS Harriet Deeming(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.1 Metropole Rider
330 G CAVS GIRL Noah Brook(Huddersfield)
    Chestnut Mare 9 16.2 MAHLER Miss Anna Webster
331 G ALFIE MOON VI Rhianna Walton(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 14 16.0 UNRECORDED Rider
332 G CARNMELLYN SILVER IMP Alex Starbuck(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 7 16.3 Hallmark DS Rider
333 G ROYAL GAMEKEEPER Neve Walker(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 12 16.0 Granit Hero Rider
334 G BLESSINGTON ROSE Emma Gilbert(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 11 16.0 Cappa Casanova Rider
335 G LAGANS COOL LAD Erin Sommerville(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.3 O.B.O.S Quality Rider
336 G MERLIN Michelle Sampson(Leicestershire)
    Skewbald Gelding 6 14.2 Rider
351 H SHAHMAALS SILHOUTTE Imogen Pugh(Lincolnshire)
    Piebald Gelding 17 13.2 Rider
    Brown Mare 16 15.1 KILVINGTON SCOUNDREL Rider
353 H ISLE OF GLASS TROOPER Amyleigh Wing(Suffolk)
    Bay Gelding 13 15.0 Apache Chief Rider
354 H BONNIE Poppy Orr(Essex)
    Skewbald Mare 16 15.3 Rider
355 H AKOLIEN Tally Read(Norfolk)
    Bay Mare 17 16.1 KARANDASJ Miss Judy Bradwell
356 H BLACK THUNDER Iona Bullough(Derbyshire)
    Black Gelding 8 14.3 Thunder Valley Rider
357 H SIR LYTTLE Amelie Pugh(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 15.2 Ricardo Royale Rider
358 H BELLCROSS BOUNCER Nora Gregory(Derbyshire)
    Iron Grey Gelding 5 14.2 Furbo Finnard Rider
359 H CARNAKILLY LITTLE ROSS Amber Moxon(Derbyshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 14.2 Ross Fear Bui Rider
360 H TYERSAL OSTERICHAI TWO Annie Dean(Lincolnshire)
    Dun Mare 10 14.2 Rider
361 H MOONSHINE MELODY Imogen Pugh(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 14.1 I Love You Melody Project Pony
362 H CWMGWAUN GAYNOR 2 Yasmine Allsop(Derbyshire)
    Appaloosa Mare 6 14.1 Miss Louise Horrocks
363 H JAZZ LUCKY LADY Amelie Lambie-Fryer(Derbyshire)
    Bay Mare 11 15.0  
364 H CLOROGUE REBEL Lola Shand Kydd(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 12 15.2 REBEL MOUNTAIN Rider
365 H CORINTHIAN CLOVER Ellie Mullan(Bedfordshire)
    Grey Gelding 15 16.2 BENBULBEN CLOVER  
366 H ATLANTIC VIEWS CHOICE Ella Ross(Leicestershire)
    Skewbald Mare 9 14.2 Mrs. Francesca Leaning
367 H MILL HOUSE ADIMO PECTORE Annabelle Aston-Wright(Staffs)
    Skewbald Gelding 14 15.2 ALDERFARN VII Miss Kirstie Wright
368 H FOS GINNY Olivia White(Suffolk)
    Skewbald Gelding 16 14.2 NOT RECORDED Rider
369 H IPW DIAMOND FEVER Amber-lily Frost(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.3 EMPEROR AUGUSTUS Rider
370 H CHEBSEY MINT Florence Pawley(Warwickshire)
    Skewbald Gelding 21 14.1 UNRECORDED Rider
371 H RINGINGLOW GLADIATOR Ava Valente(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 14.2 Abergavenny Yahoo 80887 Rider
372 H SKELTON ROMEO Emily Gautier(East Riding of Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 16 15.2 Hurstwood Romeo Rider
373 H CLIMSLAND SHADOW Daisy Fulton(Staffordshire)
    Dapple Grey Mare 6 14.1 SILVER SHADOW Rider
374 H ALED Charlotte Burkitt(Lincolnshire)
    Piebald Gelding 11 14.0 Rider
375 H TULLADUFF STAR Lucy Adams(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 8 15.3 Rider
    Dun Mare 6 15.2 Persiflage Rider
    Bay Gelding 12 16.2 GURRAUN ZIDANE Rider
401 I SASSALONG ROYALE Daisy Liddle(Leicestersire)
    Grey Gelding 7 16.1 Rider
402 I GRC SAMURAI Matthew Heath(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 Luidam Miss Pippie Polson
403 I SIR ARCHIE Emma Hyslop-Webb(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Watermill Swatch Miss Rachel Tudor-davies
404 I BUTTS LEIA Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Bay Mare 6 16.3 CHAMAN Sir John Peace
405 I GLENCOLLIN Julian Trevor-roper(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.3 Diarado Rider
406 I SPORTSFIELD SUPER SONIC Guthrie Shields(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.3 Porsch Mrs Joanna Shields
407 I ICARLOS Emily Meredith(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.0 Dexter R Rider
408 I GRAF CRUSOE Richard Skelt(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 17.0 Mount Annan Holdings
409 I CEVIN COOPER Molly Barker(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 9 16.0 CEVIN Z Mr Alec Rose
410 I MOONLIT SWAYZE Daisy Bathe(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.0 dondoctro ryal k Rider
    Black Mare 6 16.0 Loughehoe Guy Rider
412 I METRA CRUISE Joe Wise(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.3 Rider
413 I MARY S Sammy Oliver(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 9 16.0 HAINTON MICKEY MOUSTACHE Mr Graham Noon
414 I QUINTESSA'S CHARLOTTE Lauren West(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 7 15.3 Quainton Quirifino Z Mrs Katherine Barker
415 I FELIX Z Alice Casburn(Norfolk)
    Brown Gelding 7 17.0 Fernando H Mrs Caroline Casburn
416 I IM THE REAL MCCOY Kathryn Pickering(Lincolnshire)
    Dark Bay Gelding 13 16.1 RICARDO ROYALE Rider
417 I BLOOMFIELD MANUSCRIPT John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.3 Financial Reward Mr Joe Walls,Tricia & Rob Sargent
418 I LISSAVORRA DOC Franki Jarvis(Essex)
    Grey Gelding 9 16.2 INDOCTRO Rider
419 I THE CAPTAIN Toby Bancroft(Suffolk)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.1 CAPTAIN CARNUTE Rider
420 I TRUST POMMEX Z Conor McMahon(IRL)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Telstar de La Pomme HK Horses
421 I MILLION 55 Sophie Meers(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.3 EMILLION Rider
422 I TREFIN Olivia Holloway(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.0 GRAFENSTOLZ Rider
423 I WHIXLEY QUALITAS Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 16.2 OBOS QUALITY 004 Hazeldines & Mitchell Fox Group
424 I INVITO Lydia De Gioia(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.3 VADER Rider
425 I OYSTER CARD Emily Mustow(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 15.3 RAIL LINK Mrs Hannah Mustow
426 I VIENNA ASK Lorna Riley(Essex)
    Iron Grey Mare 7 16.1 Senior Ask Rider
427 I SHANNONDALE CEDRIC Lizzie Baugh(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 8 17.2 Shannondale sarco st ghyvan Mrs Toni Dalby-rose
428 I LIBERTATEM Ellen Pritchard(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 16.3 Frankfort Boy Mrs Amy Dunbar
429 I BELLINE SECOND CHANCE Lucy Robinson(Staffordshire)
    Brown Gelding 11 16.1 Douglas cavalier Mr Alan Bell
430 I ZORRO B Lucy Sugden(North Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.1 Loumira (Green Grass) Rider
431 I WIL CUT THE MUSTARD Polly Stockton(Clwyd)
    Iron Grey Gelding 7 16.1 Colman Rider,Alex Wilcox & Helen Morris
432 I BILLY MAPLE Kelly Aldous(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 9 16.1 BILLY MEXICO Mrs Antonia Bealby,Mrs Susannah Joy
433 I PLEASURE MAIL Kizzy Smith(Uk)
    Brown Mare 7 16.3 Jaguar Mail Mrs Pennie Wallace,Rider
434 I DSL JACKAROO Oliver Kidner(Norfolk)
    Grey Gelding 10 17.2 Jack of Diamonds Rider
435 I KING LOUIS III Rachel Cawley(Greater Manchester)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 16.1 CHAMPS ELYSEES Rider
436 I SWHISKEY Jeanette Brakewell(Staffordshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Swiss Spirit Molly Jackson & Rupert Neal
437 I WEXFO FLYING ANGEL Xanthe De Wesselow(Northumberland)
    Grey Mare 6 16.0 Hector Van D'abdijhoeve Mrs Laura De Wesselow
438 I FENOMEEN L Caroline Day(Suffolk)
    Steel Grey Gelding 12 16.2 SANDREO Mrs Lucy Mason
439 I DREAM OF GLORY Indie Vaughan-jones(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 14 16.1 ZAVALL VDL Mrs Susannah Harrison
440 I RIDDLER Caroline Clarke(Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Mare 6 16.1 Polanski Mrs Penny Clarke,Rider,Mr Duncan Clarke
441 I LOUIS THE LION Susie Berry(IRL)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.1 LUIDAM Mrs Helen Caton
451 J INLAWED Boogie Machin(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.1 Bahamian Bounty Mrs Karen Shaw
    Grey Mare 8 16.0 Cevin Z Mrs Belinda Keir
453 J IT’S A SMOOTH CRIMINAL Ellen Pritchard(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 11 17.1 Mrs Amy Dunbar
454 J CROWN OF ROSES Harriet Walker(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.1 Malinas Mrs Amanda JENNINGS
455 J LISHEEN ECLIPSE Katie Barber(Leicestershire)
    Brown Gelding 9 17.2 NOT RECORDED Mr Stephen Rayns,Mrs Lesley Ann Hutton,Mrs Susanna Dyer
456 J ILOMA Megan Brice(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 9 16.2 KOJAK Rider
457 J RUBY Lucy Robinson(Staffordshire)
    Bay Mare 7 17.1 WHY ME Rider,Rider
458 J BROOKPARK RUBY Isabella Castle(Cambridgeshire)
    Chestnut Mare 9 17.0 KROONGRAAF Rider
459 J LEX V Kirsty Hogg(Dumfries and Galloway)
    Bay Gelding 11 16.2 Rider
460 J DECAW DIAMOND Rebecca Page(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.3 DIAMOND HIT  
461 J HERKULES 281 Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Hermes De Lux Sir John Peace
462 J KIREI MILL Claire Fielding(Essex)
    Bay Mare 8 16.0 Mill Law Mrs Fiona Bryant
463 J ROYAL RASCAL Luke Prior(Cambridgeshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 10 16.2 Royaldik Rider
464 J MUSTANG ON Frere Buckland(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 17.0 Croco Rouge Rider
465 J DHI ROCK DANCER Rosalind Canter(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.0 ROCK FOREVER I Mrs Michele Saul
466 J QUANTO ASK Nicole Gwynne(Bedfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 Quarz Ask Rider
467 J NIGHT PROWLER Caroline Clarke(Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 7 16.1 Imperial Hights Mrs Penny Clarke,Mrs Irene Pickering,Rider
468 J CSF PRINCESS ZARA Lucy Marie Hobson(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 10 16.0 ramiro b Rider
469 J JANTINA Hannah Atkinson(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Mare 6 16.1 Jumbo Rider
470 J CALL ME ALPHIE James Rushbrooke(North Yorks)
    Chestnut Gelding 9 17.0 Black Sam Bellamy Miss Emma Bell
471 J RIVER HOUSE LASS Kira Richer(Essex)
    Dapple Grey Mare 9 16.0 KILLEA HILL VIEW Rider
472 J JULIA'S SMART OPTION Noah Brook(Huddersfield)
    Skewbald Gelding 9 17.3 Oso Dashing Walter Brown Mrs Christine Berry
473 J QUALITY GOLD Emily Bradshaw(Essex)
    Bay Mare 8 16.3 OBOS QUALITY 004 Mrs Sarah Attwood
474 J BALLYFREE KANNALIER Richard P Jones(Rutland)
    Dark Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Kannan Miss Lauren Hewett
475 J CURRAGHKYLE SILVER BRUMBY Jordana Marston(Hertfordshire)
    Iron Grey Gelding 10 16.2 GALATAN Rider
476 J ZILVERENS DARK N STORMY BDA Kelly Aldous(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 17.0 Zilveren Icoon BDA Rider
477 J CHEERLEADER TH Matthew Heath(Rutland)
    Bay Mare 6 16.1 Luidam Miss Pippie Polson,Miss Tara K M Belcher
478 J RLE I AM GOLD Henny Cooper(Roxburghshire)
    Bay Mare 9 16.0 CASSINI GOLD Mrs Fran Cooper
479 J SOLDIER ON II Anne Mackley(Leicestershire)
    Grey Mare 8 16.0 CEVIN Z Sarah Jewson
    Grey Gelding 6 17.0 Bamako De Muze Rider
481 J INISBRI CREME DE LA CREME Olivia Fox(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 Robin de la maison Rider
482 J BOLEYBAWN LECRAE Sam Ecroyd(Flintshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Boleybawn Ectasy Vicki & Stewart Irlam
483 J POSEIDON Grace Congreve(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 9 15.3 UELN Mr Ralph Congreve
484 J MAGHERADRUMMOND SHUTTER FLY Ellie Clarke(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 9 16.1 SIR SHUTTERFLY Mrs Sarah Reeve
485 J BELGIAN CHOCOLATE Kate Hey(West Yorkshire)
    Dark Brown Mare 12 15.3 HALLING Rider
486 J COOLEY PERFORMANCE William Pittendrigh(County Durham)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 URKEL Mrs Lucinda Burnett
487 J DEVLISH CANDY BOY Georgie Frow(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 9 16.2 Sligo Candy Boy Rider
488 J HANLEEN BABALOU Amy Wybergh(Cumbria)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 Balou du Rouet Rider
489 J BRITANNIA’S DYNAMITE Alice Casburn(Norfolk)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 5 16.2 Britannia’s mail Mrs Caroline Casburn,Rider
490 J MY ATLANTIC MARIO Polly Stockton(Clwyd)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.2 Future Trend Alex Wilcox & Helen Morris
491 J ARIELLA Morgan Wyatt(Dorset)
    Dark Bay Mare 6 16.1 all at once Mrs Karen Park
501 K DG MARADONA Gemma Atkin(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.0 UPGRADE Rider
502 K MULBERRYFIELD PHANTOM Shannon Bibby(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.2 PRIMITIVE PROPOSAL Rider
503 K CONPIERRE George Bartlett(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 15 16.2 CON AIR Sir John Peace
504 K WEST COAST JULE Lizzie Baugh(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 West Coast Cavalier Rider
505 K BRIGHT SPARK III Steven Smith(Leicstershire)
    Bay Mare 12 16.2 BILLY BE COOL Miss Jill Barker,Miss Emily Baldwin
506 K HIKITA John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 10 17.0 EMILION Mrs Jane Heerbeck
507 K BENEDICT DALTON RADAU Anne Mackley(Leicestershire)
    Dark Bay Gelding 10 17.0 TABASCO VAN ERPEKOM Dr Hans Radau,Ms Jane Shears
508 K BALLINAMURRA DE VALERA Katherine Illingworth(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.3 WANG CHUNG M2S Mr. Philip Adkins
509 K GORTIN HOUSE Susie Berry(IRL)
    Bay Mare 8 16.2 Gatcombe Mr Ron Pearson
510 K T'S SHANGHAI Georgie Frow(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.0 ZAMBESI Rider
511 K ASHBURTON Ellie Clarke(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 12 16.1 PACINO Mrs Sarah Reeve
512 K BALLYCOSKERRY GOLDEN COAST Lucy Jakes(Cambridgeshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 9 16.1 WEST COAST CAVALIER Rider
513 K ISLE MOOR Fiona Kinghorn(Cambridgeshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 15 17.2 ROVIRIS Mr Joe Wise
514 K OMARS LASS Eva Carrier(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 11 16.0 OMAR Rider
515 K TOCES BRIGHT LASS Caroline Day(Suffolk)
    Dark Bay Mare 14 16.1 BATTLETON PHOENIX The Open College of Equine Studies
516 K KILTYCREIGHTON BOY Kirsten Wright(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 16 15.0 Rider
517 K CUFFESGRANGE DIAMOND ECHO Indie Vaughan-jones(Norfolk)
    Dapple Grey Mare 12 16.2 CLOVER ECHO Rider
518 K PEAKY BLINDER Charlotte Turner(Warwickshire)
    Bay Gelding 13 16.3 SOVEREIGN WATER Rider
519 K GREY FINNSKY Kristina Hall-Jackson(West Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 13 16.1 KILLEA HILL VIEW Ms Marium Haque
520 K THE CLASSIC COMPOSER Rosie Ringer(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.2 CLASSIC PRIMITIVE Mr Steve Revell/ Mrs Vicki Ringer
521 K WELHAM MILE HIGH Lillie Barnett(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 14 15.2 BLACKWELL CHALICE William and Lorna Walker
522 K WODAN III Simon Middleton(Flintshire)
    Bay Gelding 19 16.3 MR CONCORDE B.J. Mr Sam Ecroyd
523 K DONJA Kara Kimber(Norfolk)
    Chestnut Mare 14 16.2 VAILLANT Rider
524 K CHAPEL HOUSE Sam Ecroyd(Flintshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 Sibon W Vicki & Stewart Irlam
525 K STILO SPRINGTIME Rebecca Cook(West Yorkshire)
    Roan Gelding 16 17.0 BOLLIN ROLAND Rider
527 K MJM BOBBY DAZZLER Rosie Ringer(Norfolk)
    Dun Gelding 10 16.1 GLENAYRE MYSTICAL BOBBY Mrs Catherine Joice
528 K KBF KNOCKMORE Musa Hussain(West Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 8 16.2 KEC Maximum Joe Mrs Heather McCloy
529 K MISS LUCKY CAVALIER Louisa Wilson(Berwickshire)
    Bay Mare 13 16.1 LAUGHING CAVALIER Rider
530 K CEDARMOUNT CAVALIER Grace Cooper(Cumbria)
    Bay Gelding 11 16.0 MOHILL CAVALIER CLOVER Rider
531 K NOWS THE TIME Daisy Bathe(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 16.2 Mrs Mary Hollingsworth
532 K BALLADEER JUST FOR KICKS Ellie Healy(Derbyshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan Mrs Sarah Healy
533 K CLASS MOVE Ellie Healy(Derbyshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 7 16.1 Capri Van Overis Z Rider
551 L ROSEMEADOW LIVELY STAR Katie Oxby(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 12 16.2 OAKENHALL STAR Rider
552 L CARNSDALE FLAMENCO Helena Proctor(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 10 16.0 Je T’Aime Flamenco Rider
553 L WINAIR BDA Kelly Aldous(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 8 16.2 Warrant Mrs Sharon Cousins,Rider
554 L RITTERSPORN Ruby Johnson(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 15 16.2 RITTMEISTER Mrs Sally Johnson
555 L PRIMITIVE BUZBY Olivia Fox(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Primitive proposal Rider
556 L ELDORADO VAN KLAVERBORCH Ruth Calnan(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 17.0 Eldorado Van Zeshoek Rider
557 L CAUNTON RUBI ROYALE Jennie Housley(Derbyshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 9 15.3 Rubicell Rider
558 L ROSSALOUGHA TED Helena Pope(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 11 14.2 ROSWAT PRINCE Rider
559 L COOLVAUN AB FAB Claire Surl(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Mare 7 16.0 Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan Mr Philip Surl
560 L SIR LEHMANN 2 Isabel White(Nottinghamshire)
    Brown Gelding 10 16.3 SAN MUSCADET Rider
561 L ROS FOR SURE Ella Miles
    Dapple Grey Gelding 10 16.2 Ros Rebel Rider
562 L PAULINE VAN'T MOLSBROEK JW Harriet Deeming(South Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Mare 7 16.1 I Am Moerhoeve's Star Rider
563 L RED LETTER DAY II (GB) Imogen Murray(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.2 Kannan Mrs Vivien Thompson
564 L FUTURE GAME OF HEARTS Jeanette Brakewell(Staffordshire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.1 Duke of Hearts Future Sport Horses
565 L T.J BOMBAY Victoria Whiteley(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 15.3 Luidam Rider
566 L BE COOLEY Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Brown Gelding 6 16.1 For Pleasure Sir John Peace
567 L SIR EUROMAN Abi Wallis Castle(West Midlands)
    Black Gelding 13 18.0 SWAGMAN Rider
568 L JOOLZ Nicole Mills(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 8 16.3 HARLEY VDL Rider
569 L ARDNORE VIVENDI Izzy Rugman(Oxfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 13 17.0 ARS Vivendi Mrs Emma Rugman
570 L NARRAMORE OLIVER Hettie Meadows(Essex)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.1 HARPER'S BORNIVAL VII Rider
571 L WOODHOUSE LAD Rachel Inman(North Yorkshire)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 10 17.0 Horslent Rider
572 L AGADIR GANO Katie Magee(Durham)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.1 Quickly de Kreisker Mrs Angela Hislop
573 L ENJOY II Sarah Charnley(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Mare 13 16.0 VLEUT Rider
574 L DUKE V Sarah Tomkins(Powys)
    Bay Gelding 14 15.2 HOLLYWOOD Rider
575 L WOTSTHECATCH Becky Lloyd(Surrey)
    Bay Gelding 14 17.2 FRUITS OF LOVE Rider
    Bay Gelding 12 16.1 NOTNOWCATO Mrs Jane May
    Dark Bay Mare 12 15.3 crosstown dancer Rider,Ms Claire Harding
578 L GENTLE LION Oliver Townend(Shropshire)
    Chestnut Stallion 7 16.2 Chillout Rider,Hazeldines & Mitchell Fox Group
579 L AFROJACK Z John-Paul Sheffield(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 AKARAD HERO Z Mushill Farm Limited
580 L HIGHVARO Matthew Heath(Rutland)
    Bay Gelding 11 16.2 VARO Capt Barry Healy
581 L FREAD NEEDLE Katherine Illingworth(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 11 16.2 BOLLIN TERRY Mr. Philip Adkins
582 L INFINITI Phoebe Towers(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 7 16.2 Catherston Liberator Rider
583 L CHAC Holly Richardson(North Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 17.0 Chacco Blu Mrs Judi Thurloe
    Brown Mare 7 16.1 VALENT (KWPN) Mrs Helen Caton
585 L KILCANDRA HARLEQUIN REWARD Lucy Robinson(Staffordshire)
    Bay Mare 8 15.2 Financial Reward Miss Claudia Horsley
586 L FLOAT VAN TWELVE OAKS Chloe Hagan(Tyne And Wear)
    Dark Bay Gelding 11 17.0 GRAND CHANCE-S Rider
587 L BOLEYBAWN COOLEY LADY Claire Fielding(Essex)
    Grey Mare 6 16.2 DIGNIFIED VAN’T ZORGVLIET Mrs Fiona Bryant
    Bay Mare 6 15.2 OBOS QUALITY 004 Rider
589 L JEWEETWEL Emma Hyslop-Webb(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.1 Dexter R Rider,Mrs Rowena Stevenson
590 L L SPECIAL G Sam Ecroyd(Flintshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.1 I'm Special de Muze Mrs Penelope Ecroyd,Julie & Michael Hall
591 L PARKLODGE SIDE BY SIDE Rosalind Canter(Lincolnshire)
    Black Mare 6 16.2 Diarado Mrs Sharon Bayston
601 M A BIT MUCH Eliza Culloty(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 17 15.3 FURISTOS DIAMOND Mrs Diana Birch
602 M GLEN CORRIN Izzy Wright(Northamptonshire)
    Dun Gelding 7 14.2 Rider
604 M WETFURROWS WHENEVER Ryan Trafford(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 13 16.3 PRIMITIVE FAERIE TALE Rider
605 M NGONG HILLS Lara Sclater(Hertfordshire)
    Dark Brown Gelding 17 16.0 FLEETWATER OPPOSITION Rider
606 M SBE GRAFENSBROOK Joshua Huxford(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 16.0 GRAFENSTOLZ Ms Ann Barker
607 M SUPREME COUTURE Alexandra Cordingley(north yorkshire)
    Dark Bay Mare 13 15.2 DOLPHIN SUPREME Rider
608 M TREVARGO Robbie Bell(Norfolk)
    Bay Gelding 10 17.2 GRAFENSTOLZ Rider
609 M WILFUL DIAMOND Ruby Morris(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 15 15.3 ROMA DIAMOND SKIP Rider
610 M GREAT GATSBY S Annie Dean(Lincolnshire)
    Dun Gelding 12 14.2 FS GOLDEN MOONLIGHT Rider
611 M FINANCIAL EXPRESS Flynn Kewney(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.2 FINANCIAL REWARD Rider
612 M HUNTING FOR LOVE Emma Wright(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.2 ARS VIVENDI Rider
614 M LEX GREENFIELD Emma Shaw(Hertfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 9 16.0 LASCADELL Rider
615 M COMPO II Lily Blythe(North Humberside)
    Skewbald Gelding 13 16.1 HEATHERVILLE KING Rider
616 M KILIMAZING BRIMSTONE Ella Howard(Suffolk)
    Dun Mare 10 14.0 Minsmere Sunseeker Miss Jemima Fawcett
617 M HERO RHF Amy Simpson(North Yorkshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 10 16.1 CHELLO III VDL Rider
618 M CLIC CLAK Z Feo Chawla(Cleveland)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 10 15.0 CLINTON I Rider
619 M LISDEEN NINA Jemima Fawcett(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Mare 8 16.0 Rider,Mrs Daphne Thomson
620 M WAYFAIRER JELLYBEAN Olivia Petersen(Kent)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.0 Persiflage Rider
621 M GRANTSTOWN TRUE LOVES Eliza Culloty(Leicestershire)
    Bay Mare 8 14.2 General Humbert Mrs Susie Culloty
622 M MENLO AMY Izzy Wright(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Mare 8 14.1 Aran Brown Bomber Rider
623 M MINSKIP MURPHY Molly Keegan-price(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 16 14.1 UNRECORDED Rider
651 N LUDO-E Imogen Murray(Leicestershire)
    Bay Gelding 6 17.2 Bustique M S Team
652 N COLUMBCILLE EDMUND Kirsty Hogg(Dumfries and Galloway)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.1 Dondoctro ryal k Rider
653 N AUSONE Tom Fray(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 17.0 ASTRAL 53 Mrs Joanna Maisey
654 N JESSOP RIOMAR Kathryn Pickering(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.1 BLAENYRESGAIR DANDINI Mrs Teri Fisher
655 N TAILOR TOM Nina De Haas(NED)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.2 Fruits of Love Miss Charlotte McCracken
656 N AZERLEY DAVE Helena Broadley(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 RAMIRO B Rider
657 N CUSHLAS INDIGO Katie Magee(Durham)
    Black Gelding 5 16.3 Imperial heights Lady Sharon Parnaby
658 N HARRY Z Conor McMahon(IRL)
    Chestnut Gelding 5 16.2 Harley VDL HK Horses
659 N ISLA ROSE Matthew Heath(Rutland)
    Chestnut Mare 6 16.2 Conbassy Miss Jemima Green
660 N LADYBOERA Isabel White(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Mare 6 16.2 Cornet’s Diamond Rider
661 N CALIDA SPICE Lizzie Baugh(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Mare 5 16.2 Tyson Rider
662 N SEA SAM BELLAMY David Llewellyn(Cheshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 17.2 Black Sam Bellamy Rider
663 N TANAGA Paul Burgess(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 14 15.3 Ms Dawn Sugden
664 N KILMAINE PRIDE Sophie Sellers(Cheshire)
    Grey Gelding 11 14.3 GONZO Rider
665 N GH WAIT AND SEA James Rushbrooke(North Yorks)
    Dark Bay Gelding 8 16.1 Skip And Sea Rider
666 N UNNAMED (810642) Abbey Rimmer(Cheshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.2 BIENAMADO Rider
667 N WHITEROCK CRUISING Amy Lukins(Norfolk)
    Grey Gelding 14 16.2 Linwood Sweet Excalibur Rider,Rider
668 N THE SLOANE RANGER Georgia Savill(Glos)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 17.2 Umonia 60 Rider
669 N CHICAGO LIMERICK Anne Mackley(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 6 16.1 KMS Chicago Rider
670 N KANSAS Kelly Aldous(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Stallion 7 16.1 Quasimodo vd Molendreef Rider
671 N JUBILEE JINX Katie Field(East Yorkshire)
    Brown Mare 10 16.0 JIGILO Rider
672 N JACK RIO Fiona Marshall(North Yorkshire)
    Grey Mare 17 15.2 CAPTAIN RIO Rider
673 N MILLFIELD CLINTT Jodie Cantrill(South Yorkshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 15.3 Clintissimo (Clintissimo Z0 Rider
674 N RINGWOOD ROY Kirsty Short(Hertfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.2 Sibon w Mr Masahiro Yonemaru
675 N B WALT LANDO Z Alison Garner(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 16 16.2 ORLANDO Ms Tracy Dodd
676 N ANGROVE FATRASCAL Harriet Pullen(Warwickshire)
    Tri Colour Gelding 10 16.0 ANGROVE SPOTTED DICK Rider
677 N LETHAL ENDEAVOUR Isabella Heathcote(Northamptonshire)
    Grey Gelding 7 16.2 Lethal Force Miss Grace Taylor
678 N BALLYHOW BOY Daisy Walker(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 16.3 Heigh Ho Dubh Rider
679 N BALLYCAPPLE BLUE SKIES Tara K M Belcher(England)
    Bay Mare 9 15.2 Ballycapple Diamond Cruise Rider
680 N UNNAMED (812530) Victoria O'Brien(Warwickshire)
    Grey Gelding 6 16.2 Dunbegan grey mist Rider
    Grey Gelding 8 15.2 DUNLOUGHAN TROY Mrs Alexandra Owen
701 O PEPSI Isabel White(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Gelding 6 16.1 Cola Zero Rider
702 O CASEWICK AURORA Nicole Mills(Lincolnshire)
    Chestnut Mare 6 16.2 Cevin Z Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd
703 O GOOD TO GO II Amelia Easthope
    Bay Gelding 12 16.0 FENROSE BONNY BLUE Mrs Roseen Crellin
704 O WATERMILL CRUISE Paul Burgess(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 17.2 Watermill swatch Mrs Julia Westmoreland
705 O FOUR HUMOUR Victoria Ann Garner(Isle Of Man)
    Grey Mare 12 15.3 THE HUMERIST Rider
706 O UNNAMED (812165) Indie Vaughan-jones(Norfolk)
    Dapple Grey Gelding 6 16.2 RAINSTOWN LAD Rider
707 O BALLYCON SHADOW Abigail A Rowland(Lancashire)
    Grey Gelding 11 15.1 Bay shadow Rider
708 O ALBARANTI James Rushbrooke(North Yorks)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 Rider
709 O AZERLEY DAMIRO Michael Broadley(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 17.0 Ramiro B Rider
710 O KILNHANGERS MIZFIT Imogen Murray(Leicestershire)
    Skewbald Mare 6 15.3 Nyton mr bit Rider
711 O LUSUELA Sophie Adams(AUS)
    Chestnut Mare 6 16.2 Good Fellow VDL Ms Michelle de Vries
    Bay Mare 5 16.1 RAMIRO B Mr Martin Richards,Mrs Kerry Richards
713 O MASTER VIVALDI Noah Brook(Huddersfield)
    Bay Gelding 5 17.0 Vivaldi Mrs Teresa Bentley
714 O DREAM ROCKET Katie Magee(Durham)
    Chestnut Gelding 15 17.0 Mrs Anne Kitching
715 O JETSET CAVALIER Tiffany Eggleston(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 10 16.2 WEST COAST CAVALIER Rider
716 O LC BLAZE Verity Sellers(Cheshire)
    Iron Grey Gelding 11 15.3 UNRECORDED Rider
717 O SHANANSHAH Lillie Barnett(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 EMPEROR AUGUSTUS William and Lorna Walker
718 O FLS OUTLAW Vanessa Howdle(West Yorkshire)
    Iron Grey Gelding 8 16.1 OBOS QUALITY 004 Rider
719 O PON DE REPLAY Lizzie Baugh(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.2 OBOS QUALITY 004 Rider,Mrs Janette Shipley
720 O KINGSWOOD MEIRION Kara Franklin(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 15 16.0 KILLEA HILL VIEW Rider
721 O OBLIVION Phoebe Towers(North Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 6 16.0 Opposition Bombshell Rider
722 O JASPER XIX Amy Sherrard(West Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 8 17.3 Primitive faerie tale Rider
723 O MISS IRENE Harry Rugman(Oxfordshire)
    Bay Mare 5 16.2 Tyson Mrs Emma Rugman
724 O AFRICAN JAZZ Tara Murphy(Suffolk)
    Bay Gelding 7 16.2 Rider
725 O BALLYTARSNA COLONEL BAV Michael Jones(Staffordshire)
    Grey Gelding 10 16.2 COLONEL CLOVER Rider
726 O PENNIMENT LUCKY CHARM Bella Brown(Warwickshire)
    Bay Mare 11 14.2 Trevallion hooch Rider
727 O REHY SANTA FE Isabel Wells(Lincolnshire)
    Bay Gelding 14 17.0 SEARCH FOR ROYALTY Rider
728 O BRACKENSPA PEACHES AND CREAM Coral Shields(Lincolnshire)
    Coloured Mare 6 16.0 Crowns wonder Pearl Rider
729 O GREENHALL ARS BIBENDI Jessica Baugh(Nottinghamshire)
    Bay Mare 7 15.3 Ars vivendi Rider,Mrs Lyndsey Edgar
730 O DARC LAMOUR Lucy Richards(Uk)
    Dark Bay Mare 6 16.1 chagall Active Equine LTD
731 O CINSHASA L Holly Richardson(North Yorkshire)
    Brown Mare 7 16.1 Casskeni II Miss Madison Chapman
751 P RLE CHLOE Cassi Cortes(Surrey)
    Bay Mare 11 16.1 CHACOA Rider
752 P DASSETT SECRET Florence Baron(Leicestershire)
    Liver Chestnut Gelding 9 14.1 Rider
753 P ATLANTIC DREAMER Clara Wilson(Cambridgeshire)
    Grey Gelding 13 14.2 NOT RECORDED Rider
754 P JALDO Oscar Governo(Suffolk)
    Dark Bay Gelding 8 17.0 Tangelo Van de Zuuthoeve Rider
755 P MOHILL GYPSY Amelia Tomkins(Powys)
    Skewbald Gelding 18 14.1 Mrs. Sarah Tomkins,Mrs. Sarah Tomkins
756 P FLEARWAY Charlie Webb(Suffolk)
    Bay Mare 12 16.2 WARRANT (KWPN) Rider
757 P BOY LEANNA Lola Vaughton(South Yorkshire)
    Bay Gelding 12 14.1 Aughnanure Leo Rider
758 P OUR BILLY EILE Arabella Henderson(Warwickshire)
    Bay Mare 7 14.1 Billy Mexico Rider
759 P TEMPLEFARMS TIGER’S EYE Annie Dean(Lincolnshire)
    Grey Gelding 7 14.2 Whalton Lucky Chance Rider
760 P THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA II Willow Docker(Northamptonshire)
    Bay Mare 9 14.0 WOODFIELD SAMMY Mrs Louise Docker
761 P ROCK TEMPO Ellen Butler(Cheshire)
    Dun Gelding 11 14.2 Rider
762 P MUCKRIM EVAN Florence Baron(Leicestershire)
    Grey Gelding 11 14.2 RUSHEEN BOY Rider
763 P PORSCHE Coco Lanni(Cambridgeshire)
    Bay Mare 13 15.3 SIR DONNERHAL I Mrs May-Britt Wedd
764 P RUA BAN George Howard(Nottinghamshire)
    Grey Gelding 13 14.0 I LOVE YOU MELODY Mrs Helen Howard
765 P LISSYEGAN RORY Emma Shaw(Hertfordshire)
    Bay Gelding 11 16.2 LUX Z Rider
766 P SEAVIEW DRAÍOCHT Ella Bryant(Northamptonshire)
    Dun Gelding 6 14.1 Caherlistrane boy Rider
767 P SPRINGFIELD BABY BELL Edward Howard(Nottinghamshire)
    Chestnut Mare 14 14.1 BOHEMIAN BUISNESS Miss Madeleine Wolfenden
768 P HARMONY JILL Isabella Tyler(lincolnshire)
    Grey Mare 12 15.0 KILLONAN HERO Rider
    Grey Gelding 7 16.2 Baltydaniel Silver Flight  

Competitor List

Sat A B C D E F G H  
  5yo BE100 BE100 BE100op BE90 BE90 BE90 BE90u18  
No 1 - 50. 51-100 101-150 151-200 201-250 251-300 301-350 351-400  
Dress 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00 11:30 11:30 11:30 12:30  
SJ 08:40 08:40 08:40 08:40 13:30 13:30 13:30 16:50  
XC 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 17:40  
Sun I J K L M N O P  
  Novice Novice ON Novice ONu18 BE100 BE100 BE100u18  
No 401-450 451-500 501-550 551-600 601-650 651-700 701-750 751-800  
Dress 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00 09:30 12:30 12:30 13:00  
SJ 08:40 08:40 08:40 08:40 10:30 14:36 14:36 14:36  
XC 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 11:30 15:20 15:20 15:20